Do I Like My Lightweight Wheelchair?

No prizes awarded for guessing what this post is about! Okay, in addition to my main chair, which is rigid framed and has plenty of padding for obvious reasons, I also have a lightweight folding wheelchair for those times when I need to go on a longer than average journey. So do I like it?

Yeah, I like it when I'm traveling cause its very portable and folds away to almost nothing so it can be stowed away in a convenient place on a plane or train while I'm relaxing in the comfy seat provided for my journey.

Okay, I lied a little about the comfy seat... airlines have got this thing in their head lately that people don't have legs that poke out in front them when they sit in a seat. Have you seen how close those seats are to each other in economy. Here is where I go off on a tangent...

I know I could stump up the extra cash and travel business class or some such, but its a load more cash and to be honest I have better things to spend the money on. So I fly economy which never used to be too much trouble. Its just lately with airlines all trying to get more passengers by offering cheap economy tickets, the gotta cram in more seats on the plane to make up the shortfall. It sucks when you're handicapped just like I guess it must be if you are not. Either way, somehow you gotta swing yourself into a seat with barely enough legroom for a two year old. Then sit there for the duration of the flight almost with your nose touching the seat in front (slight exaggeration for effect)!

But anyhow, until enough folks start complaining loudly enough, nothing will change, except maybe the airlines realize they can make more cash by keeping the number of seats the same and raising the air fare...

But back to my lightweight wheelchair that I was writing about. Sure, its great for making those trips cause it means it stays with me the whole time and you know its mine - something of a possession thing I guess. When we touchdown, the nice cabin crew person hands it back to me and I can hit the road in my own chair.

The only real downside is the lack of deep padding. I guess the manufacturers have to cut down to save on weight and bulk, so its not good for spending a lot of time sitting in. Unless you have a ceramic backside, it'll soon go numb! So make sure the place you're staying has some spare cushions that you can add on as a temporary comfort booster for your nether regions. That's all for now folks!

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