The Need for Handicap Vans

When you need to get around out of doors or go on a journey that is longer than a regular motorized scooter will take you, then you need the use of a handicap van to accomplish that. This article looks at how useful this means of transport is for the people that use it and how one of these specially adapted vans differs from a regular one.

Of course a regular van is simply a vehicle for transporting light goods from place to place and was never meant, at least originally as a carrier of people. Then someone had a bright idea that all that space in the rear section of a regular panel van could be used to ferry small parties of people around, and the twelve seater mini-bus or people carrier was born.


Well that is fine for regular folks and a great idea for parties where a group of people were all visiting the same place and wanting to have a few drinks but didn't want to risk driving. So they would all club together and hire a mini-bus and driver for the evening and all have a good time in the safe knowledge that they would get to where they were going and then home again safely without having to risk their driving license or reputation.

Of course there is also the option of renting a handicap RV for taking on vacation to those places that wheelchair users tend to miss out on in the main. It just keeps getting better!

Handicap Mobility

Of course, the idea soon followed that this kind of vehicle might also be really useful for transporting several wheelchair users around all together in safety and comfort and to provide that level of handicap mobility that is often greatly in need. Plans were made and modifications to the basic model actioned.

What we ended up with was a high sided vehicle with space to seat several wheelchair users together either remaining in their chairs, or using specially modified seating that they could transfer to. The benefits are many and varied, not least of all the ability for several wheelchair users to go on day outings or visit places of interest with a driver to take them there and back and also all the comforts that a regular vehicle affords to able bodied folks.

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