Where Ramps are Needed

Where Ramps are NeededOne of the things you'll see at the entrance to many public buildings that have stairs leading up to the main entrance is an additional ramp that provides access to the building for wheelchair users. But this is not the only place you'll see these special ramps, although you'll see more in these places than most anywhere else.

Ramps of all designs, sizes and inclines can be found in many places where, a decade or so ago they may not have been seen. So let's take a look at where handicap ramps are needed and why.

Public Buildings

Starting off with public buildings, these ramps are mainly seen at the entrance where the entrance is at a higher level than the street, meaning they will have stairs leading up. Most older building will have had ramps retro-fitted following the necessity made heard and understood by people with disabilities for many years.

After all, people who need to use wheelchairs also need to visit many public buildings for one reason or another. You can bet they don't want to be stuck waiting at the foot of a flight of stairs for an angel of mercy to come along and hoist them up!

A specially installed ramp is a much better option. It allows access to these building often unaided or with a helper if the user is too weak to push themselves along.

Where Else?

Other places that need a ramp are for getting on and off public transportation such as trains, coaches and buses. Mechanical ramps are often deployed in these vehicles to allow wheelchair users access. Same goes for handicap vans, minibuses or coaches for transporting individuals or small groups.

You'll also see these ramps in public parks and other open spaces alongside steps going from one level to another. Very short ramps are placed at street crossings by the sidewalk. This is to allow wheelchairs to roll smoothly onto the road to cross and back onto the raised sidewalk at the other side without having to stop and force their way up as was what used to happen before town planners got their act together.

So you see these great ramps are everywhere that wheelchair users need to get access. And now they can do it without having to bump up or down steps or wait for a helper to carry them, wheelchair and all up and down.

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