Where Are All the Handicap Ramps?

I don't know about you, but unless you are actually in a wheelchair and trying to get around the place, you probably think that your local authority or town planners have done a great job of putting in handicap ramps everywhere. That's so us poor unfortunates can navigate to places that are only gotten to via a flight of stairs or nice, architecturally pleasing tiled steps. Well, guess again, cause its not as great as it seems from your vantage point.

I guess you'd be shocked if you had to spend some time restricted to a metal framed chair on wheels that was generally your only means of hauling your ass out of your house and into the big wide world outside. Sure, your own front entrance will have a ramp cause you had some workmen fit one. But get out onto the sidewalk and start scooting off down the street and you're gonna hit your first obstacle before you know it. You have to cross the street to get to the other side.

What, no problem, you say? There is a well placed drop-kerb at the corner and one on the other side to make the crossing seamless? Sure looks that way when you're standing five feel something above it but you cross in a wheelchair and I guarantee when you get to the other side, unless you're lucky, the dumbass workmen who installed the ramp at the other side left it standing a couple inches proud above the blacktop. The jarring crunch as your little itty bitty front wheels hit that is not funny. Ramp? Jeez, it ain't a real ramp people! A real ramp is totally smooth, not even an inch protruding for a wheelchair to get stuck on.

Then I hear some smartass remark something like "Aw, all he has to do is that neat trick where they lift up the front wheels and drop them onto the sidewalk..." makes me want to jump up out of the chair and smack him around the face like it'll wake his sorry ass up. If only i had a cool ejector seat on a big spring that, at the flip of a switch, Jame Bond style, I could swiftly raise my seat up to head height of a standing man and deliver a solid punch to the nasal region without having to ask the giy to stoop down to my level!

Anyways, the point of this little rant and rave is about the so-called handicap ramps on sidewalks that are supposed to make it easy to cross the street but just bring a tear to the eye of the wheelchair user cause far too many of them were installed by morons. I see moms with babies in walkers that have the same problem. Guess there's more of them than there are of us, so it'd be great if all moms could add they voice to our plight and make the town planners aware of EVERY instance of a sidewalk ramp that is not perfectly flush with the blacktop.

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