Thank Heaven for Handicap Bathtubs!

You know, one of life's little pleasures is being able to soak in a hot tub and really relax. But when you have a serious physical handicap or are restricted by limited mobility, taking a hot bath in a regular tub comes with a minefield of problems. Thankfully, some bright person came up with a design that is really helpful for us that eliminates most of the dangers and irritations that a regular tub comes with. Let's just take a look at these in this post and then you'll see why I am saying thank heaven for handicap bathtubs!

First up, let's look at what's wrong with trying to take a bath in a regular tub when you are not fully able bodied.

The first hurdle can literally be a hurdle to anyone without the full use of their legs and that is getting into the darn thing! A regular tub needs you to climb over the side to get in, seeing as how it needs sides to hold all the water! Because of their very nature and the fact that they get wet, the sides and base of a regular tub as super slippery too, making for an accident waiting to happen for anyone who has these physical limitations.

Next is the problem of keeping your head above water. Betcha didn't even think of that one, huh? When you have no movement or feeling in your legs and your laying down enjoying a good soak, you don't know if they are keeping you from sliding down the tub. And if your arms are not strong enough, that slide could take your head underwater with disastrous results.

So sit up, I hear you say. Well that may be a good solution assuming you are able to sit up, which is not always the case, but even if you can, you lose out on the enjoyment of that fully immersed relaxed feeling.

Next is getting out again. Pretty much the same problems as getting in, except now you're all wet too and it can be slippery hell if your not careful.

Okay, that's enough on the negative side. A lot of these problems can be overcome when you have a helper to keep you safe, which is to be grateful for cause it can't be the best job in the world. But for the poor guy (or gal) taking the bath, there is no privacy, little dignity and precious little "me" time when you have a carer looking after you while you take a bath.

The alternative, then is to have a specially designed bathtub installed in your bathroom that is made for the physically challenged so they can take a bath unaided, unless the severity of their disability is so great that they really can't do it unaided. For most of us, it is possible to take a bath unaided as long as we have one of these great handicap bathtubs installed. They are different in design to a regular tun in these key areas:

There is a waterproof door in the side, facilitating entry and exit without having to climb over anything, plus inside there is a bath seat so you take the bath in a seated position. That males for a straight transfer from wheelchair to bath seat and back again for safety.

Because you take the bath seated, the walls are high so you can fill the tub and still fully immerse in hot water, for that relaxing, nice feeling of being fully immersed in hot water. Plus there is the safety angle that as long as your sitting on a seat, you are not going to go sliding under the water.

The sides and floor are made of a non-slippery surface to minimize slipping.

The physical size of the bath makes it look short and squat because it is built for a seated soaking, not for laying down in. All round, its a great design that is much easier to use unaided than a regular tub. So it gets the thumbs up from me!

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