Installing an Outdoor Stair Lift

The idea of owning an outdoor stair lift may have some people thinking it sounds like an absurd idea, especially as their indoor counterparts are powered by electricity. It would certainly be reasonable to imagine that a similar model placed outdoors would be exposed to the weather.

And the possibility of electricity and water together is a dangerous mix. This is not the case, however. Installing one of these great acesss devices outdoors is actually not such a problematic job.

It of course depends upon whereabouts you want the installation positioned. But in most cases, its placement will be dictated by your need to get from one point to another that is currently served by steps or a steep incline.

Where Will You Put It?

As long as the steps or stairway is accessible for the workmen to fit the rail, electrical wiring, seat and drive mechanism, then there shouldn't be a problem. All electrical wiring and connections are waterproofed and sealed so there is no chance of getting a short circuit through moisture getting into the electrics.

The drive and motor are similarly protected from the weather as is the seat with its own cover for those times when it is not in use. Of course, using outdoor stair lifts is as simple as using their indoor version.

It is simply a case of sitting on the chair and operating the lever to go up or down, depending on where you are in relation to the flight of steps. The rest is handled by the drive mechanism which transports the chair assembly up or down along the rail which is fitted alongside or to the stair risers.


Safety is a big aspect and is top priority when manufacturing and installing such stairlift devices. You can be sure that the utmost care is always taken by the installers, who will be either employed by the manufacturer or recommended by them as being qualified to undertake installation.

In all, an outdoor version of the handicap stair lift is a great asset to your property which will allow you to access all parts easily and with safety and dignity as the prime focus. You should expect to get many years of untroubled service from your exterior stair lift.

It's an accessibility aid that is really well worth the investment if you can afford it. Enjoy it and use it to enjoy your property to the full!

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