Home Stair Lifts and their Benefits

In the home that has more than one floor and an occupant with disabilities, accessing the upper floor or floors can be a real problem thanks to the major obstacle that is the staircase. Now for able bodied folks, this is not an issue and using the stairs is just second nature and something to give no further thought about. But when you include a physically handicapped person into the household mix, then the restrictions become evident.

For this reason, the home The stair chair lift came into existence and is now seen installed in many homes that have stairways leading to upper floors or down into yards and gardens on a lower level to the house.

Effective Simplicity

The residential stair lift is a marvel of simplicity and function for much needed additional handicap mobility in the home. It runs silently on a rail fixed along the length of the stairway and is powered by electricity.

Its operation is via a simple lever to go up or to go down or to stop. The seat is as comfortable as any easy chair with padded seat, backrest and armrests on deluxe models.


There is a high level of versatility in these devices. The chair itself is designed to swivel from its alighting position facing the person who is either wanting to climb or descend the stairs, to a 90 degree position facing across the stairs with the back to the wall for maximum comfort.

At either end, top or bottom, when the chair swivels into its getting on or off position, it locks in place to prevent slipping or other accidents from occurring. This is extremely safe while being convenient as well.

All in all, stair lifts are reliable, virtually maintenance free and guaranteed safe and long lasting for the benefit of the user and to allow them to access every part of their home in comfort, without the need for additional help and with dignity. A stair lift is a device that makes truly exceptional additions to a home where one or more occupant requires this kind of ease of accessibility to the upper floors of their home.

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