An Accessible Bathtub

handicap accessible bathtubsThere are many great innovative ideas that have made it into the realm of the real and usable that make living a lot easier when you are a person with disabilities. Take for instance the handicap accessible bathtub, which you may find in many specialized bathrooms suited for people with physical disabilities.

What a great invention for allowing folks to take a bath in comfort and safety that doesn't mean risking climbing over the side to get in or out and slipping on slippery surfaces. But first of all, just what exactly are these specialty accessible bathtubs?

What is a Handicap Accessible Bathtub?

Well, its not too different from a regular tub in that it holds hot water for you to soak in, but that's as far as the resemblance goes. Everything else is designed to allow a physically disabled or mobility limited person to take a bath on their own in most cases without all the dangers associated with a regular tub.

For starters, you don't lay down to soak in a handicapped bath tub. There is a solid, safe seat to sit on. That removes the potential danger of sliding under water if your legs can't stop you. There are grab rails to keep you safe when inside and the sides are high so you can still fill it with hot water up and enjoy full immersion.

For that to work effectively, there is a waterproof door that you open when the bath is empty to get in or out. So there is no need for stepping over a high side and that takes care of that particular safety risk.

What's Inside?

Once inside, you simply close the door and fill the tub up with water at the temperature you like. All you do then is to sit there and enjoy it! You can do this alone in most cases. That's because the main reason for needing a helper with a regular tub was for all the reason I already mentioned, particularly the safety aspects.

There are easy to use faucets with extended handles to make adding and shutting off water really easy. Grab rails give you something to hold onto and help to keep you upright if you need them.

So that, in a nutshell is pretty much what these special bathing facilities are all about. They are a great idea and a great facility to have in your bathroom at home. So handicap accessible bathtubs really do have their place in the modern home of a person with disabilities or mobility problems.

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