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Let me introduce this website to you. It's all about the ways and means that a person with disabilities, otherwise known as "physically handicapped" (and couldn't really care too much for the politically correct way of saying it), deals with life and make things as easy as possible considering the circumstances.

Life in a wheelchair is seen by many as a second class life, but really it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to be. Life can be very fulfilling, depending of course on the severity of the physical handicap.

This website author's personal circumstances means he has the full use of upper body and there is feeling in the lower part including legs and toes, but just no mobility. It happened in a stupid accident falling down some stairs as a teenager and shattering the lower vertebrae and damaging the spinal cord which effectively killed any movement ability in the legs. One positive thing is that he can still enjoy sexual intercourse, which is a major player advantage in improving the quality of life, as he is married and has two young girls of his own.

So this is a partially veiled window onto the life of the guy in the wheelchair with a smile on his face. Not all will be revealed by a long shot, but enough to give you a look at what its like while also looking at some of the things that help to make that life a little easier to get through.

One last thing. There will be a minor commercial aspect to this blog, because the author needs to fund its existence and justify writing in it, so there will be the occasional product review that he feels is worthy of giving a little promotional push to, for which he will gratefully receive a small commission for if anyone clicks through and buys the product. There's no pressure to do that, but it'll be there all the same.

The author would also like keep his name out of the website, so the domain is hosted under another person's account who also maintains it for him and irons out any problems so all he has to do is write the posts and hit the publish button.

Recent Articles:

A Wheelchair Accessible Vacation Option

When it comes to choosing a vacation for a person with disabilities, the options are often somewhat restricted to visiting places that can cater for such mobility issues and accessibility needs. That usually means a trip to a hotel or resort where they have the necessary facilities to make the stay comfortable and safe.
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Designing a Handicap Bathroom

There are plenty of things to think about when planning and designing a handicap bathroom in your home for the use of a person with disabilities who may have special needs with regards to what you intend putting in there. So before you even put pen to paper, the very first stage is to sit down with the person who will be using it and find out exactly what their needs are.
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Give a Guy a Handicap Lift Please

That's something you'll probably hear a lot of in places where there's only a stair (or moving stairs) to get up to another level of a building or shopping mall. You see, neither of these access methods were built for wheelchair users, although moving stairs are okay for folks that can get about with a walker but can't walk up or down static stairs. So what's the solution?
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Do I Like My Lightweight Wheelchair?

No prizes awarded for guessing what this post is about! Okay, in addition to my main chair, which is rigid framed and has plenty of padding for obvious reasons, I also have a lightweight folding wheelchair for those times when I need to go on a longer than average journey. So do I like it?
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Taking A Handicapped Shower In Comfort

There are some things in life that are a real pleasure to experience. My last post looked at the pleasure of taking a bath and fully immersing yoruself in hot water when you have a physical disability or mobility limitation and just how relaxing and totally cool that is to do.
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Recent Articles: